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Parents: This School Year, Worry Less

by catawbav

A new school year is the start of a new journey for kids and parents alike. You’ll help your children engage with new responsibilities, reach new milestones and overcome new worries. You’ll also encounter some worries of your own.

That’s especially true when children reach home-alone age and begin arriving home while you’re still at work. While your kids will quickly adapt, your concerns for their safety and wellbeing won’t be going anywhere.

However, new technology can help. With smartphone alerts, connected video cameras and remote-controlled door security, a custom security solution can quickly become an essential tool for managing your weekday worries.

Worry 1: Are my kids safely home? 

Your biggest after-school concern is to know that your kids are home. It’s a worry that comes in many flavors: How long do you wait to text or call if they forget to check-in? What if they lose their keys? If they’re home, are they alone – or did their friends invite themselves over?

We’ve got this one covered. Take a look.

Worry 2: Are my kids behaving responsibly at home?   

Letting your kids manage their own after-school time helps to build their sense of responsibility. However, you need a way to know that they’re doing the right thing. Alarm.com’s indoor video technology can help.

For example, our own research indicates that parents expect kids to take responsibility for their own homework at around the age of 12.) Our indoor cameras give you a discreet way to quickly confirm that things are getting done. You can even help them out with a tricky math equation via a two-way voice conversation.

Worry 3: Is the house secure during the daytime? 

Weekday mornings are busy and kids are forgetful. If they’re the last to leave the house, you may be concerned about potential security lapses. After all, there’s nothing like coming home to discover that your garage has remained invitingly open all day.

Alarm.com alerts let you take a “trust but verify” approach, with the ability to lock up remotely if your kids forget.

PS: If it’s you who’s the forgetful one, check out our Geo-Services reminders and what they can do for you.

Want to worry less this year with Catawba Security Powered by Alarm.com?Protecting your family and home with Alarm.com technology is easy and it all starts with reaching out to Catawba Security.  Click here to set up a time to meet with one of our expert security consultants to craft a solution that will meet all of your needs!


Three Ways Catawba Security Makes Your Home Renovation Project Easier

by catawbav

Planning a home renovation project?  There’s a new tool that can make the difference between frustration and smooth-sailing success.

It helps you project-manage, protect your home, and solve tricky scheduling and security challenges—all from your phone.

It’s called smart home security—powered by Catawba Security & Alarm.com—and it comes with an array of features that simplify renovation projects big and small. It’s also a valuable home upgrade in its own right, giving you state-of-the-art protection with smart home automation that’ll enhance your original project.

1: Smart locks take care of access for contractors

Even if you’re a handy DIYer, most renovation projects require professional help, which means contractors who’ll need access to your home. Do you plan to be onsite every day to let them in, or will you risk the spare key approach?

Alarm.com gives you a better solution: smartphone-controlled door locks. Need to be at the office early? No problem: have your contractor press your doorbell camera when they arrive, verify them via video feed, and tap once to let them in.

If a contractor needs repeat access, give them an Alarm.com user code. This four-digit code will unlock the door within a specific timeframe and can be deleted (or auto-expired) when the job is done.

2: Alerts and video keep you in the know

Did your electricians show up late when you weren’t there? Did they really stay for three hours? With Alarm.com’s activity alerts, you’ll know.

You can stay in the know with user code-triggered smartphone alerts, including “late arrival” and “no-show”. If you need to verify contractors’ hours on longer projects, you’ll find a complete activity history in your web dashboard.

Want a real-time progress update but don’t have time for a call? Alarm.com’s indoor and outdoor security camera options offer live video feeds, visual alerts, and two-way voice communication, making it easy to see what’s going on and communicate essential information.

Don’t have internet in your property yet? Our cellular-connected Image Sensor has you covered.

3: One-touch security protects your property instantly

A renovation increases the security risk at your home. Thieves target unattended sites for tools and materials. A dishonest contractor could leave a window open for a return visit after hours.

Alarm.com is up to the challenge. Proactive, tamper-resistant and professionally monitored for emergencies, a smart home security system stays on guard around the clock and can quickly alert you to an open window or unexpected activity. It can even hit the lights if a video camera detects a person outside after dark.

While tough on intruders, Alarm.com makes security easy for you, with no “doorway dashes” required when arming or disarming. A single Scene command on your smartphone is all it takes to lock up and turn on the alarm when the day’s work is done.

4: Bonus: It’s an instant upgrade for your whole home

Smart home security isn’t just for renovations: it’s also a true home upgrade with long-lasting benefits and serious homebuyer or renter appeal.

If you’ve been considering a smart home makeover but weren’t sure where to start, Alarm.com is for you. We can quickly add smart lights, ENERGY STAR®-certified thermostats, locks and more to your security system, giving you a fully-automated smart home controlled by a single app.

It’s the easiest way to enjoy better security and safety, energy savings, and convenient home automation with no hi-tech work on your part required.

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Five Outdoor Home Security Essentials for Summer

by catawbav

With summer cookouts and parties to prepare for, and long, light evenings to enjoy, it’s the time of year to pay attention to your home’s outdoor space.

After all, you won’t be the only one doing do. Summer is prime time for burglars. It’s the season of unlocked windows, open doors and garages, and long vacation absences.

Outdoor security is your home’s first line of defense—so how does yours shape up? Does it deter intruders at first glance, or invite them to take a second look?

These outdoor security essentials—all available as part of an Alarm.com-powered security system—will safeguard your home and your peace of mind all summer long, letting you make the most of the warm weather, worry-free.

1: Smart Security Camera

Essential for: Knowing what’s happening outside.

Most smart security cameras will let you know if there’s activity outside. This one can tell you whether it’s an animal, person or vehicle, and whether or not they’re on your property. Customize your video alerts to see everything you want to know about—without the everyday activity that doesn’t matter.

As well as sending you live and recorded footage of your outdoor space, these cameras also send a clear message to visitors: I have a smart home security system. That’s enough to keep most burglars away.

2: Smart Lighting 

Essential for: Keeping visitors visible.

Shadowy characters rarely like to be in the spotlight—and this goes double for burglars. Automated outdoor lighting, triggered by your Alarm.com image sensors or smart security cameras, ensures that intruders have nowhere to hide after dark.

Going on vacation? It’s easy to set up a smart lighting schedule so that Alarm.com turns your lights on every evening, giving passers-by the impression that you’re home.

3: Contact Sensors

Essential for: Security and child safety

With Alarm.com, a little information goes a long way. Installed on a door or window, this wireless contact sensor can alert your monitoring service to a break-in, remind you to lock up for the night, or let you know that your kids are exploring the great outdoors on their own.

When school’s out, contact sensors become an essential outdoor safeguard for parents, giving you a new way to keep tabs on your pool gate, yard gate, tool shed, garage freezer or other dangerous areas that you want to keep off-limits from curious kids.

4: Doorbell Camera

Essential for: Protecting your porch

With plenty of package thieves and dishonest visitors out there, an Alarm.com Doorbell Camera is the best form of deterrence for your front porch. With motion-triggered video alerts, a live video feed and two-way voice, you can see and speak to visitors from anywhere, whether they ring the bell or not.

Expecting a delivery or a late arrival to your outdoor party? Just open your Alarm.com app when the doorbell rings, verify your visitor, and unlock your door with your Alarm.com-powered smart lock.

5: Smart Garage Door Opener

Essential for: Protecting outdoor equipment and tools

Summer brings long evening bike rides, road trips, and plenty of outdoor DIY—all of which means plenty of opportunity to leave your garage door wide open. Incorporate this Alarm.com-powered garage door controller into your security system and you’ll never be caught out.

Should you leave home with the garage still open, Alarm.com knows (thanks to Geo-Services technology) and sends you a reminder. No need to pedal back home or turn the car around: just tap your phone to close the door, secure your bikes and tools and protect this commonly-overlooked entrance to your home.

Want these security essentials in one easy package?

Shaping up your outdoor security is easy with Catawba Security powered by Alarm.com. Our highly trained technicians can quickly outfit your home with all of the above and more, with state-of-the-art home security features, professional monitoring for emergencies and a single smartphone app to control it all.To get a personalized solution stop by our showroom next to Bassett’s Market or click here to get in touch with us!


Catawba Security is the way to go in Home Automation!

by catawbav

Choosing whether to handle your home automation project yourself or to hire someone is a big decision. Each approach has its merits, but you’ll reap the greatest rewards by hiring Catawba Security. With extensive knowledge and rigorous training in wiring, networking, audio/video, and more, we are your Control4 smart home professional that is armed with tools, resources, and experience to create a truly intelligent home of your dreams.


Having your system professionally installed means you’re getting our years of experience, hands-on training, and access to our award-winning tech support team. We are armed with the knowledge that delivers on your smart home dream.


Missing from a DIY system will be the customization and scalability you get from a professionally installed home automation system. A professionally installed smart home system is tailored to perform precisely the way you want it to. Then after the initial install, When >> Then personalization gives you the power to change or modify your system as desired. You can adjust and fine-tune many of the features of your system to match exactly what you need on your own, with the confidence of knowing Catawba Security is here to help if you ever get stuck.


Even though your home automation system is built to last, from time to time, technology needs a little extra TLC or updating to stay fresh and always work reliably. The wireless network in your home might need to be tweaked or a wire may need to be routed to an area that’s difficult to reach. We have the tools, knowledge, and training to guarantee that your home automation system will perform optimally. And should you ever run into a glitch—even months or years after the system has been installed—our local trained technicians are here to help.


When turning your home into a smart home, it’s important to work with someone with experience who can help you discover the best solution and possibilities in your own home. Incorporated into our showroom are working examples of home technology, which have been made to look and function just like spaces in your own home. This paints a vivid and realistic picture of what it’s like to live with and benefit from home automation.


Whether you are building your dream home and would like to get us involved from the beginning or you are looking to transform your existing home into a smart home, give us a call or stop by our showroom.  One of our knowledgeable staff will explore with you what you are looking to achieve and discuss how Control4 can help automate your life!


Smart Signal from Alarm.com is 2019’s Security Product of the Year

by catawbav

When an emergency strikes at home and every second counts, fast, reliable communication is essential. It’s why every Alarm.com-powered security system includes professional security monitoring and a dedicated cellular connection.

Now, we have released Smart Signal, a new type of emergency protection from Alarm.com. Smart Signal gives you a direct connection to your home’s monitoring station from anywhere, using only your Alarm.com app.  When Alarm.com launched the feature at CES2019, the Consumer Technology Association named Smart Signal their 2019 Security Product of the Year.

Smart Signal enhances your home’s professional monitoring with a set of clear, simple emergency buttons in your Alarm.com app. These buttons let you quickly verify an alarm at your property to expedite emergency response, cancel a false alarm easily, or send a panic signal from your home or business if you discover an emergency yourself.

Because it’s in your smartphone app, you don’t have to be at your property to use Smart Signal. You can respond to an alarm from anywhere, using your app to check video feeds and images before verifying or canceling. Streamlined, efficient and effective, Smart Signal reinforces your control, your safety and your peace of mind.

A direct connection to emergency assistance

Smart Signal extends professionally monitored security into your mobile app to give you streamlined control and enhanced protection. You can rest assured knowing that a verified alarm can help expedite your monitoring station’s response to emergencies and that you can trigger a panic signal for help at home in a broad range of emergencies.

Protection from false alarm dispatches

False alarms are a common concern. Many local ordinances even impose fines for false alarm dispatches.  Smart Signal lets you easily and securely cancel a false alarm with a single command, with no need to talk or remember a passcode. Just hold the Cancel button in your app to let your monitoring station know that no further action is needed.

Clear controls for stressful situations

Alarm events and emergencies are stressful. We designed Smart Signal to be accessible and easy when you need it, while also safeguarding against accidental responses. For this reason, Smart Signal’s Cancel and Verify buttons only appear in alarm events. To confirm or verify the alarm, all you’ll need to do is hold the relevant button for three seconds.

To learn more about Smart Signal and how it fits into your home or business security plan click the button below.


Why Smart Devices Don’t Make a Smart Home

by catawbav

Another day, another smart device for the home. Some are smarter than others. Some are very smart. Some are the smartest devices ever. And yet, they don’t quite make a smart home.

So what is a smart home?

It’s a bit like a good football team.  Each player has specialized skills, but they can only win games by working together – and that takes a good coach.  Throughout the game, the coach gets information from players and assistants to understand the big picture of what’s happening on the field.  With this intelligence, he can call plays that use the unique talents of each player to get more from the team.

The true smart home has such a coach. It’s a platform: cloud software built specifically to connect and control every device in the home.  It gathers intelligence from around the home and coordinates actions to make the home safer, smarter and more efficient.

You might not see what’s happening behind the scenes, but you will definitely notice the unique features and value that only a platform-controlled smart home can deliver.

Let’s consider three such cases.

A home that complements security with privacy

Video monitoring is a popular smart home security solution. Standalone smart cameras record motion-triggered clips of activity in the home and send them to the homeowner, providing valuable awareness of what’s going on.

A smart camera powered by a platform can do more.   The security system can tell the platform who disarmed the system or where important activity is happening, such as someone entering the back door.  With this information the platform intelligently directs the camera to capture important activity and then alerts you with a video clip on your smart phone.

When the homeowner disarms the system, the camera doesn’t record. The platform enhances awareness when you’re away and privacy when you’re home.

A home that senses every opportunity to save energy

A standalone smart thermostat knows when the homeowner walks in front of it.  But that’s not a lot of information to decide whether it should make the entire home comfortable, or set back to save energy. You might call it guesswork.

A smart home platform knows everything that’s happening around the home.   It knows definitively if the homeowner is away (security panel), if they’re in bed (motion sensors), and even if they’ve left a door open (contact sensors). The platform knows the right time to save energy and the right time to make things comfortable.

A home that protects itself from water damage

Smart devices can help protect your property.  For example, a water sensor can alert the homeowner that a pipe is leaking in their empty home.

A smart home platform can go further and respond proactively. When the water sensor is triggered the platform immediately commands a connected water valve in the basement to shut off the home’s water.

And that’s just the beginning.  While the standalone device offers value in each case, the platform is the key to multiplying their value and solving complex, real-life challenges for homeowners. With more devices joining the Internet of Things, cloud platforms that integrate them will become essential to maximizing their capabilities.

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