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by catawbav

Port Clinton, Ohio – December 2016

Recently, the Port Clinton Lighthouse has been moved back to it’s permanant location alongside Lake Erie. While the restoration was a long and rewarding process, there’s more to the lighthouse than meets the eye.

Catawba Security installed full security solutions into the lighthouse facility. These systems include a state-of-the-art burglar / fire alarm and high definition video recording system.

Armed with a commercial grade wireless security system, the lighthouse is safe from intrusion and fire. This monitored security system includes cellular technology from DSC and Alarm.com. This technology provides a great platform for protection of the premesis that is nearly impossible to disable.

Our high definition 1080p video recording system always keeps track of what is happening. The keepers of the facility will have a deterrent from vandalism and theft with our CCTV security cameras. They will also have evidence on video if something were to occur.

We are proud to serve the local community in a way that keeps our landmarks safe and secure!