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Bring the Home Theater Outdoors

by catawbav

Let’s face it, a lot of us have to choose between being outside and enjoying truly great sound a video.  The only thing is, it doesn’t have to be that way!  With a custom solution from Catawba Security, we can bring high-quality sound and HD video outdoors!


We are proud to partner with Episode Speakers to offer all of our customers the opportunity to experience great sound outdoors.  Episode offers a number of speakers to fit seamlessly into your outdoor space, constructed with all-weather components, Episode products deliver remarkable sound in every climate.

SATELLITE SPEAKERS Your perfect outdoor speaker has arrived. Tested to withstand temperatures between -20 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit, it can handle the elements and still deliver a crisp, natural sound. A hidden tap switch allows this speaker to be configured for 70V or 8-ohm systems, while its shape and color blend seamlessly into any environment.

SUBWOOFERS – Subwoofers are the backbone of any great audio system and with them available in both burial and hardscape, Episode outdoor subwoofers deliver booming sound in any condition.

OMNI-DIRECTIONAL SPEAKERS – This loudspeaker’s careful design allows us to set up any audio configuration you may want. Three hundred sixty degrees of coverage delivers perfect performance without hot spots.

ROCK SPEAKERS – Available in granite and sandstone finishes, Episode rock speakers are constructed with a Polypropylene cone and dual Titanium tweeters for a premium sound – and because it’s all-weather, you can use it anywhere.

SURFACE MOUNT SPEAKERS – These durable speakers use quality components like a high-temperature voice coil and aluminum dome tweeter to deliver great sound no matter the circumstance.


Just like when it comes to audio Catawba Security went out and found the best outdoor television on the market, SunBriteTV met and exceeded all of our extremely high expectations!

SunBriteTV designs and engineers the only time-tested TVs in the world that are specifically built from the ground up for the outdoor environment. These true all-weather, outdoor LED-LCD TVs deliver superior brightness while resisting the harsh effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays.

All SunBriteTV models are designed, engineered, and assembled in our production facilities in California, Texas, and/or North Carolina — making SunBriteTV the only consumer brand that actually manufactures televisions in the United States.


Whether you are looking to create your very own outdoor theater, or just looking to add a few landscape speakers so you can listen to music while you lounge by the pool, we’d love to talk to you about your project.  Give us a call, fill out our contact form, or stop by our showroom next to Bassett’s, we’d love to talk about how to bring your vision to life!