For 35 years the experts at Catawba Security have been providing the Shores and Islands region of Ohio with the latest technology at affordable pricing. If you’d like more information about one of our commercial solutions please give us a call, we would love to speak with you about your needs.



You’ve worked hard to make your home and business what they are, don’t risk what you’ve worked so hard for by not protecting it. A wired or wireless security solution from Catawba Security can give you piece of mind knowing that 24/7, 365 someone is watching out for you! In addition to expert technicians and around the clock monitoring we use only the highest quality equipment for the best experience possible.

24/7 access to whats happening at your home or business with our smartphone app or a web browser, as well as text notifications that will alert you immediately.

Cellular alarm transmission technology allows you to sleep easy know thieves can’t simply cut the phone lines and leave your house or business unprotected.

User code customization allows you to set parameters for your codes, meaning that someone won’t be able to disarm the system when they shouldn’t be there.

High Definition Network Video Recorders

Businesses large and small face a myriad of challenges ranging from vandalism to theft from both customers and employees alike. One important way that businesses of all sizes can protect themselves against these threats is by installing surveillance cameras and DVR systems. Catawba Security sells Hikvision equipment, an industry leader, which allows for crystal clear picture quality and remote viewing from your smart device or internet browser.

Access Control Systems

Every business has areas where the general public, and sometimes certain employees, are not permitted to enter. Catawba Security offers a wide range of access control solutions that allow us to create a system that meets your needs. From RFID tags to more traditional pin entry locks we can help keep your business secure, call us today to set up an appointment to evaluate your access control needs.

Commercial Fire Alarms

One of the ways that businesses protect their employees, customers and assets is with a commercial fire alarm system. Catawba Security and its technicians are all fully licensed by the State of Ohio to install, test and service fire alarm systems. We have satisfied clients in every sector including manufacturing, retail and education, so if you need a new system, need repairs to an existing system or need someone to perform the required testing give us a call today.

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