Using our latest latest wireless phone, digital desktop phones and IP phones you can reduce costs, increase satisfaction, improve efficiency and have greater flexibility with our phone systems.

Phone System Options

A powerful telecommunications networking system in a server-mountable box.

Built-in unified messaging: voicemail, simplified maintenance and more.

Expansion cabinet allows the system to grow with your company.

System Features

  • Compact hybrid communication solution for businesses of any size.
  • Built-in voicemail system
  • Expansion cabinet allows the system to grow with your company.
  • Base system capacity includes connectivity of up to 10 digital telephones.
  • The auto-attendant can handle all incoming calls, or only unanswered calls.
  • All telephone extensions can have their own mailbox.
  • Users can transfer mailbox messages from one to another.
  • Users can have voicemail messages forwarded to email.
  • Built-in music on hold (Custom music optional)
  • Optional two-way recording
  • Robust standard two-year warranty.

Digital Telephones

Business Digital Telephone

  • 3 line Backlit LCD Display
  • 24 Flexible Buttons
  • Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) Support

Rugged Wireless Phone

  • 1.8” Color LCD
  • Noise Reduction
  • Dust and Water Resistance

Cell Station Reciever

  • Required to use wireless phones
  • Handles up to 2 lines at one time