Get quicker response times with your service.

  • We can offer 24/7 support for anything that needs it.
  • National companies can sometimes take 3-5 business days before they'll even consider scheduling you. We think that's unacceptable, and pride ourselves on fast, friendly service when needed.

Always know who you'll be working with.

  • Because we're a local business, we can get to know our customers on a more personal level than any national company could.
  • Some larger companies could send someone different each time, so you're never sure what to expect. Knowing who to expect isn't typically a luxury they offer.

No long-term contracts required!

  • While some companies force a 3 to 5 year contract for their service, we won't ask you to sign any form of contract requiring anywhere near that long.

Go with a place where you're really valued.

  • Studies have shown that local businesses can provide much better service to customers than national brands. We pride ourselves on reputation with a higher standard of service, where everyone is seen as a person rather than just a number. Catawba Security has been in busines for over 30 years, happily serving Ottawa and surrounding counties in Northern Ohio from our Port Clinton office. Feel free to stop in sometime, or call if you have any questions!

Own your equipment, don't rent it.

  • Most companies only offer glorified rental agreements. With Catawba Security, you own all of the equipment you use.

Lower monitoring rates.

  • We offer the lowest monitoring rates in the area, starting at just $17.95/mo.
  • Other companies won't even say how much they charge without calling them.

Support local business.

  • We're a local company, keeping money in the local economy.

Less cost for service.

  • Going with the national corporations usually isn't the cheapest option. Local companies have been proven to be much less expensive than the big business alternatives.

Stay current with technology.

  • Never be obsolete! We can convert old security systems for a much lower rate than large corporations.

Local service from a local office.

  • Catawba Security is located just off of Route 2, Between Port Clinton and the Sandusky Bay bridge. This means you can come to our office if you'd like, or just contact us online or over the phone for fast service!

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Expert Installer

Catawba Security is the #1 rated alarm company in Port Clinton, Ohio and the Lake Erie Islands region. We are ranked number one because of our fast, friendly, and local service for new installations and repairs.

We offer top notch security alarm products at a reasonable rate with no long term contracts required. Our alarm systems use cellular technology with crash-and-smash protection. Don't rely on a cable on the outside of your home that can be cut by a burglar!

Catawba Security specializes in repairing cabling on the inside of homes and businesses where other companies will not service. We provide quality repair work in a timely manner for a fraction of what phone companies will offer.