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Three Ways Catawba Security Makes Your Home Renovation Project Easier

Planning a home renovation project?  There's a new tool that can make the difference between frustration and smooth-sailing success. It helps you project-manage, protect your home, and solve tricky scheduling and security challenges—all from your phone. It's called smart home security—powered by Catawba Security & Alarm.com—and it comes with an array of features that simplify renovation [...]

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Five Outdoor Home Security Essentials for Summer

With summer cookouts and parties to prepare for, and long, light evenings to enjoy, it's the time of year to pay attention to your home's outdoor space. After all, you won't be the only one doing do. Summer is prime time for burglars. It's the season of unlocked windows, open doors and garages, and long vacation absences. [...]

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Bring the Home Theater Outdoors

Let's face it, a lot of us have to choose between being outside and enjoying truly great sound a video.  The only thing is, it doesn't have to be that way!  With a custom solution from Catawba Security, we can bring high-quality sound and HD video outdoors! OUTDOOR SOUND We are proud to partner with [...]

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What Can AI Do For Your Business?

With the increasing popularity of AI in the business world, you may be thinking how can I use AI in my business?  Well, for one thing, it can help keep your business safer with HikVision's new line of network cameras and NVRs. About AI Artificial Intelligence allows machines to do jobs previously done by people. [...]

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Catawba Security is the way to go in Home Automation!

Choosing whether to handle your home automation project yourself or to hire someone is a big decision. Each approach has its merits, but you’ll reap the greatest rewards by hiring Catawba Security. With extensive knowledge and rigorous training in wiring, networking, audio/video, and more, we are your Control4 smart home professional that is armed with [...]

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Are You a Managing Mom? We’re Here to Help.

It's hard work being a modern, managing Mom! According to new Alarm.com research, Moms spend an average of 36 hours a week organizing, coaching and managing their children through the activities, milestones, and adventures that constitute the long road to independence. It's demanding, skilled and underappreciated work. It means being a coach—organizing, transporting, directing and encouraging—and also [...]

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Time to Update Your Business Phone System?

Your business phone system is one of your most vital business assets and typically it's the one that gets updated the most infrequently.  IP phone systems are quickly becoming the industry standard, but if rewiring your entire business to take advantage of this trend may not be possible Catawba Security has a solution for you! [...]

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Get Smarter Access Control with Alarm.com for Business

Are you still using keys to secure and access your business? We have good news. Traditional keys are a nuisance. You don't need us to point this out, of course. You know how easy keys are to lose, or misuse. You know the inconvenience of tracking a key down when an employee leaves, and the [...]

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Smart Signal from Alarm.com is 2019’s Security Product of the Year

When an emergency strikes at home and every second counts, fast, reliable communication is essential. It's why every Alarm.com-powered security system includes professional security monitoring and a dedicated cellular connection. Now, we have released Smart Signal, a new type of emergency protection from Alarm.com. Smart Signal gives you a direct connection to your home's monitoring station from anywhere, [...]

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Why Smart Devices Don’t Make a Smart Home

Another day, another smart device for the home. Some are smarter than others. Some are very smart. Some are the smartest devices ever. And yet, they don't quite make a smart home. So what is a smart home? It's a bit like a good football team.  Each player has specialized skills, but they can only [...]

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